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My name is Andrew Martin and I believe that if you look after your body your body will look after you. With regular exercise and good nutrition you can protect yourself against life's negative effects like illness, disease and injury, through consistent exercise and healthy living.

Fat loss, muscle toning, nutritional advice, all tailor made for your exact needs wants and goals. I like to work with all types of people whether you're an absolute beginner or a regular gym user we can set realistic goals and achieve theses together. I can work from your home, your workplace or come and visit at a purpose built and exclusive Personal Training studio in Radlett, Hertfordshire, the choice is yours.

Don't follow trends and fads that you see in magazines and believe that "you too can have a body like (A list Celebrity) in 2 weeks", this won't happen and can have a negative effect on your confidence and motivation. With tried and tested exercise techniques using basic and cutting edge equipment we will work together, and improve upon what nature gave you.



The first 25 people to email me will receive a free consultation and a 30 minute complimentary 1 on 1 session.

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